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It’s like… 4th time I edit this. And it still doesn’t get boring :D

So, you re-edited my manip 4 times instead of making your own without my URL in it? OMG good job tomlovin 


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Someone write captions for his reactions please.

I love how the guy next to him is watching him. You know he’s thinking about asking if he needs help. 

29th July 2014 22:50
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All of these. Delicious.

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Coriolanus drawing for Tom hiddleston fan event. WIP(Korean)
You can see other drawings what were drew for the event. here These are so gorgeous!!

29th July 2014 17:20
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Photoshoot for War Horse by Kevin Lynch.

29th July 2014 11:30
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What do you think of the rumors of Tom being the third Holmes brother?

Haha what could be better than Tom Hiddleston as ‘the other one’, i wonder if tumblr will handle such a fandom collision ) But the pessimistic part of me thinks that these rumours are nothing but rumours. We don’t even know will the third brother ever appear in the series, but if he will, ‘Sherlock’ creators must understand that they are fully responsible for .. you know