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Thor has a big, magic hammer and he knows how to swing it.

22nd July 2014 11:29
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This is it.  This is the pinnacle of nerdom.  This is the greatest height of nerdery that has ever been reached before.

Peter in Loki’s body on a bus downtown to the real Loki and making an excuse that he’s going to a comic convention.

Never will such levels of pure fucking nerd ever be seen again, it’s just not possible.  This is a beautiful day, I am glad I am alive to experience this, god bless.

22nd July 2014 11:28
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This is the greatest thing I will see all day, Peter trying to fly Loki’s body over to the real Loki, crashing onto the pavement, muttering, well, shit, he thought Loki could fly????, and then having to find a different way there.

Bless this show for being a joy in my life.

Can you tell me what episode this is from, please? :o

22nd July 2014 10:15
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Do you think it’s remotely fair, Hiddleston?

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Tom Hiddleston Side Profile + Different Hair styles appreciation post.

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Magnus Monday

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First photo: Hello, darling. I’m taking you home with me tonight. But first…wine and dinner. How does that sound?

Second photo: Hi sweetheart I’m Tom Hiddleston and I am a giant friggin’ goofball wanna go grab ice cream sundaes and play minaiture golf?